Dollar General Store Coupons

Dollar General Store accepts the coupons from the manufacturer’s and the DG stores at all of its 9500 outlets. You can get the coupons from different sources like magazines, directly on the mail, packaging of the product, DG store coupon boxes, or from the internet.

What type of coupons are accepted?

DG Store accepts the coupons that are issued by the Manufacturer and by the DG store outlets. Here are some points about what type of coupons are accepted-:

  • The original coupon is required (No Photocopies will be valid) 
  • The coupons must contain an expiry date
  • The coupon must contain a valid barcode or promo code
  • The redemption of the coupons can be done only at the Dollar General stores and with the 
  • The free item coupons are only valid if the is of buying one get one free. At max two coupons can be redeemed at once. One coupon from the manufacturer and the other one can be a dollar general store coupon


What type of coupons are not accepted?

  • The coupons from retailers other than Dollar stores
  • If the coupons get expired
  • The coupons from the internet that doesn’t contain valid promo code or scan-able code
  • The coupons that contain the barcode or promo code but at the time of scanning it shows invalid
  • The coupons that have the remit to address is not valid
  • The free item coupons are only valid if the is of buying one get one free.

Note-: The coupon cannot be redeemed if the value of the purchased items is less than the coupon amount.


Types of coupons offered:

There are different types of coupons offered by Dollar General stores to their customers-:

  1. Coupons with buy one get one free offer
  2. Coupons of the purchase of specific bill amount and getting cash back on the next purchase
  3. Coupons on buying specific products
  4. Coupons that are created by the manufacturer to increase the sale
  5. Various discount coupons on the purchase of a specific quantity of any product
  6. Discount coupons on specific product purchase


How and where to find the coupons?

Dollar General Store shares their coupons from different platforms like magazines, directly on the mail, packaging of the product, Dollar General store coupon boxes, or from the internet.


Finding the DG store on the Internet

You can find the coupon through the official website of Dollar General Store or from different partnered websites that you can redeem at the time of purchase at any of the outlet of the Dollar General Stores

Steps to find the Coupons for the Dollar general store:

  1. Open a web browser 
  2. Type on the search bar
  3. Go to the coupons option
  4. You will find a lot of coupons on the section containing different offers and different validity.
  5. Enroll for the offer by clicking on the enroll now button
  6. You will be redirected to the page where you can sign in you are existing customer or you can create a new account
  7. You need to fill up your personal details like Name, ZIP Code, Email address
  8. You will be asked two option whether you want the coupon your mail or in the form of a digital receipt
  9. After completing the signup process, you will get the coupon on your specified choice 

Note-: You can also find the coupons on Dollar General store’s application which you can download from the google play store.

Some partnered websites of Dollar General Stores also shares new offers and coupons on their portal. 

A few of them are, and many more websites.

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