How Many Dollar General Surveys Can You Take?

Dollar General Store organizes the survey every week. A person can take part in the survey once in the time period of the sweepstakes i.e. once in a week. Dollar General Store doesn’t put any limitations on taking the survey.

Anyone can participate in the Dollar General store survey i.e. the person who has purchased something from the Dollar General store or has not even purchased anything. If you have the purchase receipt then you can participate in the survey by going to Dollar general stores official website and if you haven’t purchased anything from the Dollar General Store, you can take part in the sweepstake by sending a postcard mail to Dollar General store.

DgCustomerFirst Survey

The Dollar General Store survey can be taken by a person any number of times without any limitation but the survey can be taken once a week by one person. If a person fulfills all the eligibility criteria then he or she can participate in the survey.

Eligibility of the survey

  • The person who is taking the survey must be a citizen of the United States or belonging to the District of Columbia
  • The person taking part in the survey must be at least 18 years old
  • By purchasing or without purchasing from the store
  • One person can participate once a week

If someone satisfies all the following given criteria then he or she can participate in the Dollar General store’s survey every that is organized every week.