Win $100 Gift Card DGcustomerfirst

Dollar General stores are American wholesale stores that sell different varieties of products for home use. Dollar General stores offer $100 gift card to their customer who participates in the survey and gets the entry in the sweepstakes.

What are the objectives of the survey?

The main objective of the Dollar General stores survey-:

  • To improve the service of the stores
  • To get the report of the customer satisfaction
  • To get the behavioral review of the store managing staff
  • To make the business model more reliable
  • To increase the customer experience easy and better


How to participate in the survey?

For participating in the survey of Dollar General stores firstly you have to sign up at with a survey code that you can get on your latest shopping receipt from the Dollar General Store. When you complete the sign up process that complete the basic details parts like the Number of the store, address of the store from where you have done the shopping with date and time of the shopping. So, it will be helpful that you keep the Dollar General Store shopping receipt.

DgCustomerFirst Survey

How much time does the survey take?

Participating in the survey and answering the questions takes few minutes only which makes you eligible for the weekly sweepstakes.


Who can take the survey?

Dollar General store survey and sweepstakes can be taken by anyone i.e. the person who has done the purchase is eligible and the who won’t have done the shopping from DG’s store can participate in the survey.


What is the eligibility of the survey?

  • The person taking the survey must be a citizen of the United States or belonging to the District of Columbia
  • The person participating in the survey must be at least 18 years old
  • By purchasing or without purchasing from the store
  • One person can participate once a week


Steps for Participating in the sweepstakes

Here is one one steps how to participate in the DGCustomerFirst sweepstakes:

  1. Open a Web browser
  2. Click on the URL bar and type 
  3. Select any language from the options, English is set as the default language.
  4. After entering the store number, add 0 then enter the time that is printed on the receipt.
  5. Enter the 15 digits unique code that is mentioned on the shopping receipt.
  6. After the unique code gets accepted, you have to click on the start button.
  7. The question will appear on your screen with some options. You have to answer the question from the given options that looks suitable.
  8. Answer the questions genuinely and complete the survey to enter into the sweepstakes. You will get the questions on your experiences in the store like the behavior of the employees, cleanliness of the store, the rates, quality of the product, and other questions related to your in-store experience.
  9. After answering the questions of the survey, you will be redirected to the last page where you have to enter your personal details like your full name, mobile number, and E-mail ID.
  10. After the completion of the whole process, a sweepstakes entry number will be received.

Note- One person can participate only once at a particular period of the sweepstakes i.e. once in a week.


How to Participate in the sweepstakes without any purchase?

If you want to participate in the sweepstakes without making any purchase. You can participate by sending a mail. Here is how you can participate in the sweepstakes without any purchase.

  • You have to write a mail on 3 ½ x 5 inch post card
  • Write your name on the post card
  • Write the email id
  • Provide the details like city, state, and PIN code
  • Write your mobile number
  • Provide your Birth Date in the MM/DD/YYYY format


What does the winner get?  

The winner of the Dollar General store sweepstakes will get a $ 100 gift card that they can redeem in their future shopping at DG.


How are the winners selected?

An official of Dollar General stores picks out the 10 random entries. All the 10 winners will get a $100 gift which they can use at the DG store for purchase and can get the $100 refunded from the total bill.


What if you won?

The persons who have won the sweepstakes will get a call or mail from Dollar general stores. They will be instructed to submit their address within 3 days of the notification period. Gift cards will be mailed to your given address which you will receive in 6 to 8 weeks.

Note-: The Gift card cannot be transferred to another person’s name.